Friday, September 18, 2009

The Ruby Dragon featured on Channel 6 KOIN News

Monday, September 14, 2009

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Our Mission Statement

The Ruby Dragon
Tuesday-Sunday breakfast, lunch, dinner
 closed Mondays
Our style of cooking is difficult to pin down. Part Thai, part vegan comfort food, part raw foodie, even hints of a Jamaican dish sneaks their way into our menu. The thread that runs throughout is nutrition and quality. Our fruits, veggies, soy products are all organic, with local farms represented. Our paper products are recyclable or compostable, and we compost all of our own food waste.
Our foods mirror our own creativity and passion to nurture others on how to live a sustainable lifestyle. Our dishes are meant to appeal not just to the life long vegan, but the omnivore, and the experimentor.
Our Ethiopian curry is a hand blend of fifteen different spices. You will find this blend used liberally throughout our dishes.
Hand ground quinoa flour. Valuable nutrients are lost when flour sits on the shelf, so hand grind quinoa each day to keep you going
Miso- Jorinji miso, a small, local miso company
Tofu and Tempeh- Serrata soy in Eugene and Dae Han Tofu makes fresh tofu every day in Portland.
Dave’s Killer Bread- local bread guy. Great story. Delicious bread. We use the ‘good seed’ sprouted.